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1. Grass mowed and cured for use as fod­der.

4. Any of var­i­ous plants of the genus Sab­ba­tia hav­ing usu­ally pink cy­mose flow­ers.

12. Any of sev­eral small un­gu­late mam­mals of Africa and Asia with ro­dent-like in­cisors and feet with hooflike toes.

15. A fed­eral agency es­tab­lished to co­or­di­nate pro­grams aimed at re­duc­ing pol­lu­tion and pro­tect­ing the en­vi­ron­ment.

16. Emit­ting mois­ture in the form of va­por or mist.

17.The ba­sic unit of elec­tric cur­rent adopted un­der the Sys­tem In­ter­na­tional d'Unites.

18. Aro­matic bulb used as sea­son­ing.

19. Re­vise or re­or­ga­nize, esp. for the pur­pose of up­dat­ing and im­prov­ing.

20. (folk­lore) A corpse that rises at night to drink the blood of the liv­ing.

22. United States physi­cist (born in Aus­tria) who pro­posed the ex­clu­sion prin­ci­ple (thus pro­vid­ing a the­o­ret­i­cal ba­sis for the pe­ri­odic ta­ble) (19001958).

24. Any of nu­mer­ous hairy-bod­ied in­sects in­clud­ing so­cial and soli­tary species.

25. A soft white pre­cious uni­va­lent metal­lic el­e­ment hav­ing the high­est elec­tri­cal and ther­mal con­duc­tiv­ity of any me­tal.

26. Be­fore noon.

29. The face of a time­piece.

31. A bat­tle (1590) in which the Huguenots un­der Henry IV of France de­feated the Catholics un­der the duke of Mayenne.

34. Cubes of meat mar­i­nated and cooked on a skewer usu­ally with veg­eta­bles.

35. Col­lect or gather.

38. A drop of the clear salty saline so­lu­tion se­creted by the lacrimal glands.

39. (as­tron­omy) The an­gu­lar dis­tance of a ce­les­tial point mea­sured west­ward along the ce­les­tial equa­tor from the zenith cross­ing.

41. (pre­fix) In front of or be­fore in space.

42. A pil­grim­age to Mecca.

45. Mi­nor or sub­or­di­nate.

47. An emo­tional re­sponse that has been ac­quired by con­di­tion­ing.

48. A city in south­ern Turkey on the Sey­han River.

50. A soft gray mal­leable metal­lic el­e­ment that re­sem­bles tin but dis­col­ors on ex­po­sure to air.

52. Large west African tree hav­ing large pal­mately lobed leaves and ax­il­lary cy­mose pan­i­cles of small white flow­ers and one-winged seeds.

54. Al­ter­na­tively, a mem­ber of the fam­ily Nym­phaeaceae.

56. Type genus of the Haemul­i­dae.

57. A col­or­less and odor­less in­ert gas.

58. (Old Tes­ta­ment) The sec­ond pa­tri­arch.

60. A poplar that is widely cul­ti­vated in the United States.

62. Es­sen­tial oil or per­fume ob­tained from flow­ers.

64. Peo­ple of the same race or na­tion­al­ity who share a dis­tinc­tive cul­ture.

70. English the­o­ret­i­cal physi­cist who ap­plied rel­a­tiv­ity the­ory to quan­tum me­chan­ics and pre­dicted the ex­is­tence of an­ti­mat­ter and the positron (19021984).

73. The United Na­tions agency con­cerned with atomic en­ergy.

75. A sweet­ened bev­er­age of di­luted fruit juice.

76. Hav­ing or man­i­fest­ing or in­spir­ing hope.

78. Large sweet juicy hy­brid be­tween tan­ger­ine and grape­fruit hav­ing a thick wrin­kled skin.

79. A mas­ter's de­gree in ed­u­ca­tion.

80. A stiff pro­tec­tive gar­ment worn by hockey play­ers or a catcher in base­ball to pro­tect the shins.

81. A flat-bot­tomed vol­canic crater that was formed by an ex­plo­sion.


1. A col­lec­tion of ob­jects laid on top of each other.

2. The cap­i­tal of Western Samoa.

3. River in eastern Asia.

4. An an­tide­pres­sant drug that acts by block­ing the re­up­take of sero­tonin so that more sero­tonin is avail­able to act on re­cep­tors in the brain.

5. God­dess of crim­i­nal rash­ness and its pun­ish­ment.

6.The money risked on a gam­ble.

7. African tree hav­ing an ex­ceed­ingly thick trunk and fruit that re­sem­bles a gourd and has an edi­ble pulp called mon­key bread.

8. Naked fresh­wa­ter or ma­rine or par­a­sitic pro­to­zoa that form tem­po­rary pseu­dopods for feed­ing and lo­co­mo­tion.

9. A flat thin rec­tan­gu­lar slab (as of fired clay or rub­ber or linoleum) used to cover sur­faces.

10. Not out.

11. (Greek mythol­ogy) One of the three Graces.

12. A bar­rier con­structed to con­tain the flow or wa­ter or to keep out the sea.

13. Type genus of the Ami­idae.

14. (trade­mark) A tinned lun­cheon meat made largely from pork.

21. Small ter­res­trial lizard of warm re­gions of the Old World.

23. (Welsh) Cor­re­sponds to Iris Ler.

27. A Loloish lan­guage.

28. A moor­ing line that se­cures the bow of a boat or ship to a wharf.

30. Small translu­cent lancet-shaped bur­row­ing ma­rine an­i­mal.

32. In­cluded seven times in ev­ery 19 years. 33.The sev­enth month of the Moslem cal­en­dar.

36. Any of a group of nat­u­ral steroid al­co­hols de­rived from plants or an­i­mals.

37. Char­ac­ter­ized by ab­sence of emo­tional ag­i­ta­tion.

40. A unit of mag­ne­to­mo­tive force equal to 0.7958 am­pere-turns.

43. A ro­tat­ing disk shaped to con­vert cir­cu­lar into lin­ear mo­tion.

44. Es­sen­tial oil or per­fume ob­tained from flow­ers.

46. Saudi Ara­bian min­is­ter of petroleum who was a cen­tral fig­ure in the cre­ation of OPEC (born in 1930).

49. (Ro­man Catholic Church) A de­vo­tion con­sist­ing of prayers on nine con­sec­u­tive days.

51. Resin­like sub­stance se­creted by cer­tain lac in­sects.

53. A soft sil­very metal­lic el­e­ment of the al­kali me­tal group.

55. Slant­ing di­ag­o­nally across the grain of a fab­ric.

59. A city in western Ger­many near the Dutch and Bel­gian borders.

61. A tiny or scarcely de­tectable amount.

63. A burn cause by hot liq­uid or steam. 65.The pe­ri­odic rise and fall of the sea level un­der the grav­i­ta­tional pull of the moon.

66. United States news­pa­per pub­lisher (1858-1935).

67. Largest known toad species.

68. God­dess of the dead and queen of the un­der­world.

69. Free from fa­voritism or self-in­ter­est or bias or de­cep­tion.

71. (com­puter science) A mea­sure of how densely in­for­ma­tion is packed on a stor­age medium.

72. An ab­nor­mally large amount of this fe­to­pro­tein in the fe­tus can sig­nal an ab­nor­mal­ity of the neu­ral tube (as spina bi­fida or anen­cephaly). 74.Ti­tle for a civil or mil­i­tary leader (es­pe­cially in Turkey).

77. A mid­west­ern state in north cen­tral United States in the Great Lakes re­gion.

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