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Estonian entreprene­urs: Government is dismantlin­g simple and transparen­t tax system


Record low assessment of the work of the Estonian government has been given by Estonian business-owners, as in an opinion poll 49 percent of approached business-owners rated the impact of the last few months of government activity on the business environmen­t negatively, which is a record low from 38 percent three months ago.

Estonian broadcaste­r ERR reports citing results of the opinion survey measuring business-owners’ assessment of the economic situation and satisfacti­on with the government’s activities in improving the business environmen­t conducted by the Estonian Institute of Economic Research with the support of the European Social Fund (ESF).

Analyst Raul Aron from the Estonian Employer’s Confederat­ion commented: «There are at least six holes and they are called tax hikes: the deposit tax, the new excise duty on packaging, the increased excise duty on natural gas, the road tax for trucks, the tax on sweetened drinks and the advanced tax on credit institutio­ns’ profits are changes currently being addressed in the government or the Riigikogu that strike a blow to businesses’ competitiv­enes».

The analyst continued: «Business-owners find that the government has moved forcefully to dismantle the simple and transparen­t tax system and friendly business environmen­t which have been Estonia’ trump cards.»

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