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Norvik Banka changes name to PNB Banka


As of 9 November Norvik Banka Group is known as PNB Banka. The bank will continue providing all of its services without complicati­ons. All contracts and agreements signed with AS Norvik Banka remain in force. Communicat­ion with customers will continue as usual in all of the bank’s branch offices in Latvia, as confirmed by PNB Banka communicat­ion manager Vineta Vilistere-Lāce.

The change to PNB Bank will be performed gradually, says VilistereL­āce.

«To enhance our positions on the Latvian marker, we have been working towards making the bank’s work more efficient these past five years. Last year we reviewed the bank’s strategy, strengthen­ed the bank’s management board and council teams. We believe changing the bank’s name is the next step for developmen­t,» says PNB Banka board chairman Oliver


«We are a bank for the people. Because of that, we have decided to shorten and, at the same time, expand the name by adding a new value – people. The letter ’P’ in the name refers to the word ‘People’. With that, the new name of the bank includes one of the main values for us – humans and humane relations. With this name change we hope to demonstrat­e our openness to anyone who finds it important to receive appropriat­e financial services for their needs,» says Bramwell.

«PNB Banka has 26 years of experience working on the local market. It is one of the ten largest banks in Latvia asset-wise. The bank is proud if its nearly 600 large team and approximat­ely 100,000 clients, especially seniors, who form nearly two-thirds of our clients. We also welcome less secure residents to have a look at our bank’s support solutions,» the bank notes.

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