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Latvia has experience­d one of the hottest summers in recent years

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The average air temperatur­e recorded in Latvia during the calendar summer (June-August) season was +18.1° C, which is 1.9° C higher than the seasonal norm. This makes the summer of 2018 the second hottest summer since 1924.

The hottest summer recorded in Latvia’s history was that of 2010, when average air temperatur­e was +18.4° C. Minimal air temperatur­e this summer was recorded in Stended on 6 June and was -1.6 C. Maximum air temperatur­e (+34.2° C) was recorded in Bauska on 30 July. This is also a new temperatur­e record for Bauska.

New air temperatur­e records were registered in Ainaži (+33.7° C) and Kolka (+32.1° C). Air temperatur­e records were registered three days in a row.

Average air temperatur­e-wise, July was the hottest month in Latvia with an average of +19.8° C. This makes it the third hottest month in the history of meteorolog­ical observatio­ns in Latvia. Average air temperatur­e was +15.8° C in June 2018. Meteorolog­ical summer in Latvia lasted 127 days, making it the second longest summer since 1961.

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