Cab­i­net for­ma­tion: pres­i­dent has «Plan B»

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If par­ties in­volved in govern­ment for­ma­tion talks fail to pick a prime min­is­ter can­di­date on their own by Mon­day, 26 Novem­ber, they might not get a sec­ond chance, said Lat­vian Pres­i­dent Rai­monds Vējo­nis in an in­ter­view to 900 sec­onds pro­gramme of LNT.

The pres­i­dent did not hide the fact that he has a ‘Plan B’ at the ready. He did not say what this plan en­tails, how­ever. He only said «par­ties may not like it». The pres­i­dent did men­tion that this ‘Plan B’ does not in­clude Saeima’s dis­so­lu­tion.

«I have given them [par­ties] time un­til Mon­day to pick a prime min­is­ter can­di­date. 26 Novem­ber, you could say, is a crit­i­cal mo­ment. If par­ties fail to reach an agree­ment by then, they will not be given this right again,» said the pres­i­dent.

When asked about the pos­si­bil­ity of in­clud­ing Har­mony in the new govern­ment, the pres­i­dent re­minded that not a sin­gle party elected to the Saeima has men­tioned any de­sire to work with Har­mony. This means such a sce­nario is not pos­si­ble at the mo­ment. When asked if Vējo­nis has any red likes of his own against Har­mony, he said all groups of so­ci­ety are rep­re­sented in the par­lia­ment. All par­ties in the Saeima should be in­volved in the govern­ment for­ma­tion talks. At the same time, Latvia should main­tain its Euro-At­lantic course.

When asked who he would pick as the next prime min­is­ter can­di­date if par­ties fail to come up with one on their own, the pres­i­dent did not men­tion any sur­names. He did make it clear that it’s im­por­tant to look at Saeima deputies first and can­di­dates not rep­re­sented in the par­lia­ment sec­ond.

Ieva Leiniša/LETA

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