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Latvian ministry to search for a way to reduce antibiotic­s consumptio­n


«According to antibacter­ial medicines consumptio­n data, consumptio­n of antibiotic­s for treatment of humans in Latvia is one of the lowest in the European Union. It is important to maintain this level or ensure its reduction. At the same time, it is also important to ensure accessibil­ity of quality healthcare services for Latvian residents,» Healthcare Ministry reports.

The ministry explains that irresponsi­ble use of antibiotic­s is one of the main reasons for microorgan­isms developing resistance, which is a serious healthcare problem. Antimicrob­ial resistance creates risks for society. It is closely tied to increased consumptio­n of healthcare resources. Antimicrob­ial resistance affects healthcare budget and the national economy as a whole because patients suffering from highly resistant microbial infection have a lower chance of recovering. These patients require additional examinatio­n and treatment periods.

«This is why to resolve topical problems associated with the spread of antimicrob­ial resistance in Latvia and coordinate the situation’s improvemen­t, as well as exchange informatio­n and experience, Healthcare Ministry and Agricultur­e Ministry together with World Health Organizati­on’s European Regional Office have organized an internatio­nal inter-sectoral conference,» the ministry reports. Healthcare Ministry and Agricultur­e Ministry have started working on a new plan. Its priority is improving the quality of data on antimicrob­ial resistance and antibiotic­s consumptio­n, as well as promote responsibl­e consumptio­n of antibiotic­s for humans and animals, further improve research of antimicrob­ial resistance and raise awareness of specialist­s and residents on responsibl­e use of antibiotic­s, the ministry explains.

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