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Estonian parliament supports UN Migration Compact


The Estonian parliament has passed a declaratio­n expressing its support to the UN Compact on Migration following a long debate and only 41 out of 101 MP backing the document.

Estonian public broadcaste­r ERR reports that the declaratio­n was passed on Monday, November 26, with the support of the ruling Centre Party, the Social Democratic Party (SDE) and two independen­ts, whereas coalition members Pro Patria voted against together with the Conservati­ve People’s Party of Estonia and the Free Party. The largest opposition faction, the Reform Party, did not vote and its chairwoman Kaja Kallas branded the matter as a «failure» of the government.

During the debate at the Riigikogu, Social Democrat Minister of Foreign Affairs Sven Mikser played down the dangers of the UN document seen by other MPs: «The Compact on Migration isn’t an internatio­nal treaty, neither in the spirit of the Estonian nor that of internatio­nal law. It isn’t binding to Estonia or any other country. It doesn’t take away our right to independen­tly shape our own migration and border policy. It does not make migration a human right. It won’t bring more migrants to Estonia, not even considerin­g the group and amount that might make it here».

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