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Wind energy production output doubled in Latvia


In September and October 2018, wind power plants in Latvia had doubled their yield of electricit­y for the country’s total balance when compared to the previous four months, according to informatio­n compiled by AS Augsts-prieguma tīkls.

The total balance of wind energy was 4.3% or 16,381 MWh in September and 4.06% or 15,851 MWh in October. The rapid increase with wind energy output can be explained with the first autumn storms and lower output for hydro power plants, BNN was told by AST.

In August, wind power plants generated 7,894 MWh or 1.7% of the total volume of electricit­y generated in the country.

Use of wind for electricit­y generation is directly dependent on the weather. Usually, the largest output of wind energy is observed in the period between October and January. This year’s increase commenced in September, an increase has also been observed in October for the last four-year period except for 2017, when the volume of generated wind energy was slightly larger.

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