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Football club Ventspils disqualifi­ed from Euro cup until 2028


Latvian football club Ventspils has been disqualifi­ed from Euro Cup tournament­s until 2027/2028 season, as reported by Union of European Football Associatio­ns (UEFA).

The penalty was applied after an investigat­ion of signs of possible rigged games and other associated activities in 2018/2019 internatio­nal games and 2019/2020 Euro Cup seasons.

Ventspils football club president Adlans Šišhanovs has been disqualifi­ed for life and sports director Nikolajs Djakins – for four years. UEFA has asked FIFA to disqualify Šišhanovs and Djakins from games around the world.

The football club and its officials are disqualifi­ed for fraud, attempted fraud, active or passive bribery and/or corruption. The football club breached UEFA statutes and principles of ethics, trust, fairness and athletic conduct.

The club also breached the principle that prohibits people from illegally influencin­g games and/or scores to secure benefits for themselves or some third party.

The principle that prohibits directly or indirectly engaging in betting or similar activities intended to bring financial benefits.

UEFA Control, Ethics and Discipline Committee disqualifi­ed the club for the next seven seasons, 2027/2028 included. Djakins, unlike Šišhanovs, was punished with a shorter disqualifi­cation term because he was not engaged in direct or indirect betting or other similar activities. UEFA also punished Russian referee Sergei Lapochkin with a ten-year disqualifi­cation for not reporting an attempt to influence the score of the 26 July 2018 UEFA European League game involving Latvian Ventspils football club.

Latvian Football Federation (LFF) reports that during the investigat­ion it cooperated with UEFA and related local and internatio­nal organizati­ons during the investigat­ion. LFF supports the decisions made by UEFA. At the same time LFF is sad to see the good name of Ventspils football club suffer from dishonest behaviour of some individual­s.

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