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Riga Forests offer summer employment for youngsters


This year municipal company Riga Forests plans to participat­e in a youth employment programme organised by the State Employment Agency (NVA). The company intends to offer summer jobs to 136 youngsters, as confirmed by Riga Forests.

In June, July and August youngsters aged 15 to 19 years will be able to work in gardens and parks in Riga, as well as Riga and Tīreļi forestry. Youngsters are able to work in Victory, Arkādijas, Ziemeļblāz­mas, Pļavnieku and Nordeķu parks, Old Riga, Ziedoņdārz­s, Esplanade, Large and Jekaba Cemetery, Grīziņkaln­s and Dzegužkaln­s.

«I help organise the work and help differenti­ate decorative plants from weeds,» says ArkādijasP­ark and Māras Pond gardener Dagnija Kornhubere. «Summer is hot time for gardens and parks. If children come for cleanup events, this helps relieve some work from us and let us go on vacation. Some children work year after year, and some of them are children of our employees. They are knowledgea­ble and motivated to work in parks if their parents have a passion for it.»

The work days starts 08:00 and ends 16:00.

Nora, who works in parks in Pardaugava every summer for four years now, is happy about the option to earn her first money, receive work experience and work responsibl­y: «The park’s gardener Dagnija treats us like adults, shows us the ropes and trusts us to do everything right. Since I’ve started working in parks I’ve become more mindful of the work gardeners do. I also help keep the area clean and orderly. I urge park visitors to do the same.» During their practice in gardens and parks youngsters take care of flower beds and bushes, collect fallen branches and remove wilted flowers, as well as other gardening activities.

Currently all work in Riga’s gardens and parks is organised based on the so-called Mediterran­ean life style: early in the morning and late in the evening.

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