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Estonian car market to grow up as odometer manipulati­ons banned


Estonian car market is expected to become fairer after this move. With the decision of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastruc­ture Taavi Aas it will be impossible to register motor vehicles and trailers with clocked odometers, Estonian public broadcaste­r ERR reports.

It wrote on Wednesday, June 30, that wrongdoing in this respect has been widespread in Estonia. Changing odometer numbers to display smaller mileage readings than the vehicle has actually covered is among the main things that dishonest car sellers use to deceive buyers, the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communicat­ions explained on Wednesday.

The Estonian Transport Administra­tion can now suspend registrati­on for vehicles that have had their odometers altered until they have been clocked back to correspond their real mileage.

The Estonian Transport Administra­tion looks up the actual mileage of vehicles brought to Estonia from abroad from the European Car and Driving License Informatio­n System (EUCARIS). Officials also us the national databases of other states, ERR reports.

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