Clear as Mud

It looks like dirt but tastes like wa­ter

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BLK wa­ter’s unique ap­pear­ance will prob­a­bly make you do a dou­ble take but con­trary to log­i­cal as­sump­tions, it’s not a black bot­tle with clear liq­uid in­side but ac­tu­ally black wa­ter in a clear bot­tle. So what ex­actly is it? It’s Cana­dian spring wa­ter in­fused with ful­vic acid, a nat­u­ral nu­tri­ent-rich com­pound that has been used in al­ter­na­tive medicine for cen­turies. And what ex­actly does this seventy-mil­lion-year-old plant mat­ter do to en­rich your H 0? In a nut­shell, ful­vic min­er­als con­tain very high traces of al­ka­line (which help reg­u­late highly acidic diets) and elec­trolytes (sodium, potas­sium, cal­cium, mag­ne­sium and phosphate), plus they in­clude 77 trace min­er­als (in­clud­ing 18 amino acids), which are all ben­e­fi­cial to your over­all health. BLK con­tains no pesky ad­di­tives, or sugar, and has zero carbs and calo­ries. It also pretty much tastes like reg­u­lar wa­ter, even if it does have a slightly min­eral fin­ish. Worth a shot then.

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