Cold Blood

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We’ve reached the point where we can now re­place so much of the hu­man body, from bionic eyes and pros­thetic limbs to ar­ti­fi­cial hearts, yet real blood is still re­quired from hu­man donors. Then there’s the prob­lem of hos­pi­tals never get­ting enough of the stuff, es­pe­cially in ev­ery type. That’s why sci­en­tists have been work­ing for decades to come up with a sub­sti­tute and it now looks like they’ve found a break­through. Sci­en­tists from the uni­ver­si­ties of Bris­tol, Cam­bridge, and Ox­ford have suc­cess­fully cre­ated syn­thetic blood us­ing stem cells and they’ve gone on to de­velop their work to the point that they’ve started hu­man tri­als. The hope is that this syn­thetic blood won’t just be able to treat spe­cific con­di­tions and ill­nesses, like sickle cell ane­mia, but it could also be used in trans­fu­sions for peo­ple with rarer blood types.

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