The LG K7i isn’t just a smart­phone, it’s also a mosquito-re­pel­lent

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LG in­tro­duced a bud­get phone ex­clu­sively for the In­dian mar­ket late last year. And while that wouldn’t nor­mally be some­thing that’d pop up on our radar – es­pe­cially that it only comes with a 5-inch dis­play, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of stor­age, and an un­spec­i­fied quad-core pro­ces­sor that runs An­droid Marsh­mal­low (and not even Nougat or Oreo) – the new de­vice does have one amaz­ing fea­ture: a built-in, mosquito-re­pel­lent. The ‘Mosquito Away’ fea­ture works via the emis­sion of in­audi­ble 30 KHZ ul­tra­sonic sound waves and, after car­ry­ing out clin­i­cal tri­als, LG claims the phone re­pells 72 per cent of anophe­les gam­biae mos­qui­toes. And, even if most non-lg em­ployed sci­en­tists claim there’s too lit­tle ev­i­dence to prove the tech works, we think, at 160 USD a pop, it’s worth a shot. The ever faster pace of life was ap­par­ently the rea­son why Pol­ish de­sign stu­dio Opus B de­cided to cre­ate Slow, the world’s first anti-en­ergy drink. The bev­er­age, which is un­for­tu­nately still only in con­cep­tu­al­i­sa­tion (and there­fore un­avail­able for test­ing), has been de­scribed as a “calm­ing milk­shake made from natural in­gre­di­ents”, but the pack­ag­ing shows real in­ge­nu­ity. Avail­able only as a ver­ti­cally stacked two-pack form­ing an hour­glass-shaped whole, you have to first twist them apart be­fore you can pour out the con­tents, which takes an en­tire minute to com­plete. “The pack­age cre­ates a pre­text to stop, think and catch a mo­ment,” ex­plains Opus B’s Alek­san­dra Wis­niewska.

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