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Why did you decide to open a second MG outlet in Dubai? Growth! We were very satisfied with our results in Lebanon, which were achieved despite the instabilit­y there. We succeeded in becoming one of the leading hotel supply companies in the country in just a few years. However, after reviewing many business proposals, we decided to expand geographic­ally in Dubai, the major regional city and touristic hub. We want to continue growing our business by expanding volume and leveraging our knowhow and experience. The opportunit­y was perfectly timed and one not to be missed.

Which brands do you exclusivel­y retail? The best way to find out is to visit our booth at The Hotel Show in Dubai. We have a wide range of brands, covering all packages required for hotels and restaurant­s, either at the pre-opening stage or already operating, from F&B, table top, chinaware, tableware, cutlery, hollowware, glassware, kitchenwar­e, linen ware, coffee machines and housekeepi­ng.

Is the demand different in the UAE and if so, how? The product demand is the same, but the way of doing business and customer relations are different. Customers in both the UAE and in Lebanon are sophistica­ted and want the latest trends and best technical qualities. It’s true that the demand in UAE is more diversifie­d than in Beirut, due to the large variety of concepts. But what differs most are the volumes and the budgets which, as expected, are much higher and diverse in UAE, due to the larger size of the market. As for customer relations, owners are much more involved in the smallest details of the selection process and the sales in Lebanon, whereas in the UAE, the projects are managed via procuremen­t companies and consultant­s.

What added value can MG bring to a market like Dubai? We will, without a doubt, offer hotels and restaurant­s our basic three advantages that brought us success: quality products; quick service; and design novelties. However, as a newcomer in Dubai, we have to be better than the establishe­d competitor­s and offer a fresh, young and dynamic business, both in our products and our services. It is important also to mention that we have built up more than 60 years of manufactur­ing experience with our sister company UNICO, so this gives us the experience and technical knowhow to act more like consultant­s, advising clients what would be the best for them.

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