In tough times, train­ing is the key to suc­cess

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There’s a lion on the street! Or so they say. Busi­ness is down, the mar­ket is tough and ev­ery­one is strug­gling. Do you take pre­cau­tions and wait for the cri­sis to pass or run out­side with a smart­phone cam­era, take a pic­ture or a video of the lion and make sure your brand ap­pears in the shot? Mark Dick­in­son of DONE! Hos­pi­tal­ity Train­ing So­lu­tions shows us how to de­tect an op­por­tu­nity and dare to be dif­fer­ent

When peo­ple be­lieve the mar­ket is strug­gling, how do they be­have? They put their heads down and fo­cus on sav­ing money. Let’s think about this for a mo­ment. If you put your head down what do you see? You see the ground. If you fo­cus on sav­ing money, what hap­pens? You think about a short­age of money. Where is your fo­cus? On the lack. What hap­pens? You get ex­actly what you fo­cus on - a lack. What do you need to do to help you make it through those tough times? Ob­tain new skills, bet­ter pre­pared­ness and bet­ter em­ploy­ees. More skilled peo­ple.


How do we get our­selves bet­ter pre­pared? We train. We train our­selves. We train our minds. We maker ex­treme per­sonal ef­forts to be our very best. We wake up ear­lier and take the time to think about ev­ery­thing that we are thank­ful for. We pre­pare our minds for the day ahead. We write out our goals ev­ery sin­gle day.

Right about now, I have prob­a­bly lost most of my read­ers. And why’s that you may ask? Be­cause they are not will­ing to do the hard work. The hard work is pre­par­ing your­self. Mak­ing you bet­ter. Chal­lenges will al­ways present them­selves, so long as we are alive. What will guar­an­tee that you over­come those chal­lenges is your com­mit­ment to be­ing a bet­ter per­son. If you work harder on your­self than on your work, you will be that per­son that will make the dif­fer­ence. The only way to do that is to get trained. Train­ing of your mind. Start ev­ery sin­gle day by writ­ing out your grat­i­tude list and writ­ing down three sim­ple goals for the day. Then write out your big goals. The ones for the next six months. And fi­nally, write down your huge scary goals for a year away, and one for five years from now.

Then work out. Phys­i­cally. Even if you do just 10 push-ups, work out one way or an­other. It can be some­thing very sim­ple and small, but do it. It pre­pares your mind. Now you are ready for the chal­lenges.


In­vest in your peo­ple. Show them how to be­come the best that they can be. Train them. Bring in skilled peo­ple to train them. Use all your time and ef­fort to make your peo­ple be the very best that they can be. Do not wait for some­one else to come along and do it. You do it. That is why you are here. You are the per­son that makes the dif­fer­ence. You in­spire oth­ers. As for tack­ling the chal­lenges, lead the way. Guide your peo­ple to­ward find­ing the so­lu­tions. Show them the way. Lift them up. Carry them when they need it. En­cour­age them. Be kind to them. Get them to show you how much they can do to help you fight through the chal­lenges.

Make the chal­lenge a shared one

Don’t keep it for your­self. Ask your team how they can help you over­come the chal­lenge. Do the op­po­site of what ev­ery­one else is do­ing. In­vest in your peo­ple. Get them to be great. Help them to grow. Get them ex­cited about over­com­ing this chal­leng­ing time. Give your team the chance and they will show you the way and they will in­ject your en­thu­si­asm and pas­sion into the rest of the team.

Get a mo­ti­va­tional ac­tiv­ity go­ing

Some­thing dif­fer­ent that gets all your peo­ple to fo­cus on be­ing bet­ter and giv­ing more. I ask peo­ple to stand up and take a deep breath. Then I ask them if they can jump. They al­ways look at me as though I am quite mad. But I per­sist and even­tu­ally ev­ery­one jumps all to­gether. Then I ask them a very im­por­tant ques­tion, which goes like this: “If I ask you to jump again, and jump higher, do you think you could?” Guess what the an­swer is?


Ev­ery­one in ev­ery group al­ways says that they can. So then I ask them an­other ques­tion: “Would you try?” And again the an­swer is: “Yes”. And they jump a sec­ond time with the re­sult that they all do it - they jump higher.

If you sim­ply ask peo­ple to do some­thing, they will do it at a stan­dard, com­fort level. If you chal­lenge that same group to give more of their own free will, they can and will. Show them what they have al­ready done, and just ask that sim­ple ques­tion: “Could you do more?” The re­sults are amaz­ing.

Train­ing peo­ple in tough times will bring you suc­cess be­cause train­ing cre­ates progress, progress is growth and growth is hap­pi­ness. The hu­man mind thrives on hap­pi­ness and will work out ways to get that shot of sero­tonin that comes from do­ing things well and get­ting the re­ward. Train­ing is the key to suc­cess.

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