TRAIN­ING Train­ing is tired. What’s next?

Mark Dick­in­son of DONE! Hos­pi­tal­ity Train­ing So­lu­tions dis­cusses the new word echo­ing through the cor­ri­dors of man­age­ment to­day - coach­ing

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Coach­ing is a rel­a­tively new skill and there is a lot of hu­man be­hav­ioral in­for­ma­tion and research be­ing de­vel­oped that is help­ing or­ga­ni­za­tions to grow and truly stand out from their com­peti­tors. With the avail­abil­ity of ‘Big Data’, where we have the op­por­tu­nity to mine mil­lions of peo­ple’s be­hav­iors and habits, and an­a­lyze be­hav­iors ver­sus re­sults, we are rich in knowl­edge that was pre­vi­ously un­avail­able.

The chal­lenge is not the avail­abil­ity of in­for­ma­tion, but rather us­ing that in­for­ma­tion with tal­ent and skill to help or­ga­ni­za­tions leap for­ward.

Wel­come to group coach­ing for ex­ec­u­tive teams

Say you have a com­pany that is do­ing okay; it has re­sults that keep it go­ing, but they are not grow­ing like they used to; the im­por­tance of poli­cies and pro­ce­dures are tak­ing over the fo­cus on cus­tomer hap­pi­ness, and or­ga­ni­za­tional pol­i­tics have re­placed the fo­cus on growth. You feel tired or weary and bur­dened. You are ready for group coach­ing. The ques­tion that im­me­di­ately springs to mind is: “What is group coach­ing?”

Group coach­ing step by step

Step 1 - Meet the team that man­ages the or­ga­ni­za­tion for a half day of high-en­ergy think­ing about where the com­pany is, dis­cuss the ex­ist­ing mis­sion, vi­sion and val­ues, and look for­ward to where the com­pany could be. Chal­lenge the group with out­ra­geous growth sug­ges­tions and crazy, lim­it­less think­ing so that their imag­i­na­tions are let loose on the pos­si­bil­i­ties that lie ahead. Then leave it to cook for a week or so.

Step 2 - Meet the team again and chal­lenge them to de­velop mad dreams for in­cred­i­ble growth for the or­ga­ni­za­tion. En­cour­age the team to cre­ate loads of dreams and goals. While they are do­ing this, mea­sure their be­liefs. What is im­por­tant to them? The coach will be able to sug­gest ideas, but it is al­ways the team that is go­ing to do the growth. You have now es­tab­lished Point A, the ac­tual state, and you are work­ing to­ward de­vel­op­ing a point B.

Step 3 - A third meet­ing takes place, at which the mem­bers of the group get to dis­cuss their dreams (the ones that they shared in the pre­vi­ous meet­ings), re­flect on the be­liefs that they have shared (as recorded by the coach dur­ing the pre­vi­ous ses­sions) and con­firm that this is who they are and that the dreams are real. The coach now di­rects the group to take de­ci­sions about what it is they are go­ing to work to­ward from here on out. This cre­ates the Point B, the de­sired state.

Step 4 - The next meet­ing is about lis­ten­ing to the team to de­ter­mine what goals they have de­cided to truly take up. Reaf­firm­ing the Point B, where the team are go­ing. The coach’s job is to take the team vis­ually for­ward to the day that goal has been at­tained, and to in­spire the emo­tions that achiev­ing that goal will cre­ate. The coach then walks back­ward from the goal to the present day, ask­ing ques­tions of the team to un­cover the key mile­stones along the way to the goal. The coach will carry out the same process for each goal.

Step 5 - The coach is there to en­cour­age and to help main­tain ac­count­abil­ity to the de­sired state by con­duct­ing reg­u­lar meet­ings, though they be­come less in­ten­sive as time passes. Af­ter a pe­riod of time, the coach will then take the team back to the be­gin­ning of the process and cre­ate a new Point A and a new Point B.

What hap­pens along the way?

It is mag­nif­i­cent. Teams be­come so fo­cused on reach­ing Point B that in­ter­nal pol­i­tics dis­solve in the good­ness and well­be­ing of a prop­erly ori­ented team. In­ter­nal change be­comes smooth as team mem­bers silently realign them­selves with the newly emerg­ing iden­tity. An­other sig­nif­i­cant de­vel­op­ment is that those who were hid­ing are ex­posed or qui­etly leave the or­ga­ni­za­tion.

This is a gamechanger. It trans­forms or­ga­ni­za­tions.

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