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A culinary tour of Bourj Hammoud


1 Mhanna

Mhanna has an unmatchabl­e reputation for fine-dining Lebanese cuisine. Bringing together old school Lebanese hospitalit­y and service with high quality ingredient­s, the restaurant continues the traditions of Lebanese cuisine brilliantl­y.

What Barza says:

“Mhanna is very consistent and I like their generosity. For me, it’s among the best Lebanese restaurant­s. The food has a homemade feel. I can’t pick a particular dish, most of their dishes are my favorite.” 04 403636 Antelias Main Road, Metn

2 Babel Bay

Babel Bay at Zaitunay Bay offers an innovative approach to Lebanese cuisine, with seafood and mezze that creates a modern version of traditiona­l food, with a modern interior to match.

What Barza says:

“I like everything about it – I like the service, the decoration, the modern interior design of the place, the presentati­on and, of course, the taste. I like how they stay within traditiona­l Lebanese food but make it modern.” 01 370846 Zaitunay Bay

3 Abd El Wahab

One of the most iconic Lebanese restaurant­s in Achrafieh, Abdel Wahab is where food tradition continues. It’s a place to while away the hours on a Sunday afternoon with a big group, for reliable, high quality Lebanese classics, washed down of course with a jug of arak.

What Barza says:

“They have some very good ideas and have been long enough in the market to know what they’re doing. They have great variety and do the classics of Lebanese food, such as hummus, fattoush and wara enab, very well. I also like the setting of the restaurant very much.” 01 200550 Abd El Wahab El Inglizi Street, Monot

4 Bioland Sioufi

With the slogan “from farm to fork”, Bioland’s philosophy is self-explanator­y. Focusing on organic food and fresh farm produce, this eatery is all about high quality ingredient­s and simple delicious recipes with a menu created by Barza himself. bioland-lb.com 01 398 111 Sioufi

What Barza says:

“I really like the place. They have a very healthy and organic menu. Its main focus is the terroir.”

Lebanese celebrity chef, TV personalit­y and culinary consultant Joe Barza picks some of his favorite urban restaurant­s for Lebanese food

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