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1 Badguèr

Combining food, arts and crafts in one house, Badguèr creates homey Armenian dishes and traditiona­l specialtie­s. It gives visitors the opportunit­y to discover the authentici­ty of Armenian culinary heritage and acts as a social platform and meeting place for the community. 01 240214, 03 652235 badguer.org The Pink Building, Der Melkonian Street

2 Restaurant Apo

Located down the backstreet­s of Bourj Hammoud, Apo offers 1001 kinds of Kebab. It’s everyone's “go to” place when it comes to the best kebabs in town. 01 261789, 03 325402 restaurant­apo.com Aztag Street

3 Ghazar Bakery

This family-run bakery first opened more than 50 years ago and has built up a solid reputation for the best lahme bi ajeen in town. With more than five kinds of the famous meat pastry there is something for every taste. 03 254835 Periphery of Arax Street

4 Foul Abou Hassan

A very friendly restaurant that opens 24/7, Foul Abou Hassan is the place to feast on fatteh, foul and hommos. 01 266888 Mar Youssef Street

5 The Spice Market

All sorts of spices, dried fruits and seasonal vegetables are on offer on this popular spice market on the bustling Marash Street. They have the essential ingredient­s to spice up any dish with colors, flavors and aromas. 01 252902, 03 207445 Marash Street

6 Basterma shops: Mano & Bedo

These two neighborin­g street food stops work for lunchtime hunger as well as for midnight cravings. Here you can indulge in the famous Armenian spicy beef sausage sojouk as well as basterma, a type of air-dried cured beef – a tradition that stretches back centuries, along with of course, the famous shawarma and makanek, served with fresh pickles. 01 261439, basterma-bedo.com 01 268560, basterma-mano.com Armenian Street

7 Patisserie Manoug

After indulging in the savory, end with the sweet with a wide variety of delicious Armenian and Lebanese delicacies at Patisserie Manoug. They offer a selection of seasonal sweets and all-time favorites, to satisfy a sweet tooth. 03 571501 Masaken Khoury Ariss Street (Underpass)

Arpi Mangassari­an, founder of the Armenian restaurant and cultural center Badguèr, takes us on a food tour to explore the rich cuisine of Armenia in the heart of Bourj Hammoud

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