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If you’re on the lookout for a new adventure, take advantage of the country’s 210km of coastline and give these water sports a try.



The best way to enjoy Lebanon’s underwater treasures is to go scuba diving. Not only can you get up close and personal with marine life including sharks and stingrays, you can also explore some epic shipwrecks off the coast, like the famous vertically positioned HMS Victoria.

How to get started

Nasser Saidi from the National Institute of Scuba Diving in Lebanon says: “When you’re starting out, you need to take a few courses. First, we go over the basics of how to dive, what equipment is necessary and how it functions. Then, we move on to practical courses and end with an exam. Passing the exam provides you with a diploma. If you do not wish to go through this process however, you can opt to dive with an instructor.”


There’s no need to purchase any equipment as the facility provides everything you need, namely a mask, fins, a wetsuit and a diving tank.

Where to go

One of the most popular diving sites is Tyre, thanks to its glorious reefs and rich marine life. Sea turtles are common in the area.

Other diving facilities can be found further north, reaching as far as Tripoli.

National Institute for Scuba Diving in Lebanon (01 739203/03 959385) Dive the Med Club, San Stefano Resort, Batroun (03 119002)

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Photos: Dany Faddoul
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