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The holidays are just around the corner, which can be a daunting prospect for parents eager to keep their children entertaine­d outdoors. Mums in Beirut, Lebanon’s first online platform for parents, lends a helping hand with some useful suggestion­s.



As one of the oldest and largest public spaces in the capital, the garden is a popular destinatio­n for walkers, joggers and children. There are a number of well-designed play areas for kids to swing and slide for hours on end.


This is a safe place for kids to ride bikes and scooters as it is fully pedestrian­ized. There are also a lot of birds that children can feed thanks to the trees that surround the massive clock.


A haven in the heart of Beirut, Horsh Beirut offers visitors 300,000 square meters of beautiful green space to enjoy. It is the perfect destinatio­n for a family day out and a place for children to run wild.


The waterfront esplanade has views of the Mediterran­ean and the summits of Mount Lebanon to the east. It is clean and flat so kids can ride their bikes on the wide pavement.


The Corniche is one of Beirut’s most iconic spots. Lined with palm trees, it is a nice place to walk with kids and admire the Mediterran­ean Sea. Beirut by Bike offers bike rental, a great option for older children.


There are a number of child-friendly beaches providing special swimming pools and play areas for the young. Some recommenda­tions can be found on page 59.

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