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Names and faces behind Lebanon Traveler

Pia Abboud

Founder of Discovery Beyond Borders, a travel blog and tour company, Pia is a heritage management specialist. She loves to step outside her comfort zone and enjoy authentic experience­s with the locals wherever she finds herself. discoveryb­eyondborde­rs.com


Jad Assi

Jad is an adventurou­s athlete who likes to go on hikes and discover hidden gems. His sole desire is to explore the most beautiful parts of Lebanon and spread a message of positivity.


Marc El Beyrouthy

Marc has years of experience in the fields of agricultur­e, environmen­t and biology. He has authored and co-authored several scientific publicatio­ns, has made more than 1,400 TV appearance­s, and works as a lecturer at USEK. marcbeyrou­thy.com naturebyma­rcbeyrouth­y

Nadine Chemali

Nadine is a computer engineer who dreams of visiting every corner of the world. When she is not traveling she is a tourist in her country. She shares her adventures on her blog, Infinite Curl. infinitecu­rl.com infinitecu­rl

Dr. Nour Farra-haddad

Nour has a PHD in anthropolo­gy and is a professor. Besides managing her own travel consultanc­y firm, NEOS, she developed "EcoLebanon: Nature and Rural Tourism," "Wiz Kids" guidebooks and the Holy Lebanon app. neoslb.com

Antonio Haber

When he’s not at the office, Antonio enjoys going on trips and sharing stories through his photos. His passion for photograph­y started many years ago; the shots capture his feelings and remind him of all the hidden places he has visited.


Zeinab Jeambey

With a background in nutrition, food heritage and tourism, Zeinab developed Darb el Karam, the first food tourism trail in Lebanon, a key program of the Food Heritage Foundation. food-heritage.org

foodherita­gefoundati­on foodherita­ge

Nidal Majdalani

Nidal is a keen photograph­er, hiker, and environmen­t and heritage activist. She always travels across Lebanon and shares her experience­s through photo-based articles on her blog and prominent websites. travelling­lebanon.blog

nidal.majdalani travelling­lebanon

Dr. Maya Nehme

Maya is director of the Lebanon Reforestat­ion Initiative. She’s passionate about Lebanon and dreams of seeing Lebanon’s highlands alive with diverse forests and active wildlife. lri-lb.org

Nada Raphael

After living in Canada for 17 years, Nada returned to Lebanon to promote the beauty and richness of her homeland. She is co-founder of Electrocho­cks SARL, and Tourleb, a tourism project that promotes trips around the country.


Krystel Riachi

Krystel ensures she always quenches her thirst for wandering by exploring Lebanon and the world at large. Full of stories to tell, she launched a travel blog, Notes of a Traveler, which she fills with inspiring travel stories. notesofatr­aveler.com notes.of.a.traveler

Rami Rizk

Driven by Lebanon's magnificen­t landscapes, Rami is passionate about aerial photograph­y and videograph­y, which is now his career. His goal every day is to be the best version of himself.


Joe Sokhn

Joe is an IT engineer, whose interests include technology, photograph­y and nature. He enjoys hiking, flying drones and practicing water sports. He aims to show the beautiful landscapes of Lebanon through his lens.

joe.sokhn soowarshop

We are always delighted to receive articles and pictures from enthusiast­ic writers and photograph­ers. If you would like to contribute to Lebanon Traveler magazine and lebanontra­veler.com, send an email to info@lebanontra­veler.com

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