212 VIP Black

The new mas­cu­line fra­grance

Prestige (Lebanon) - - Publi- Info - by Ca­ro­li­na Her­re­ra

Full of sen­sua­li­ty, ad­dic­tive, se­duc­tive and bold, 212 VIP Black, the new mas­cu­line fra­grance, was born out of a col­la­bo­ra­tion bet­ween Ca­ro­li­na Her­re­ra de Baez, crea­tive di­rec­tor of fra­grances at the House of Her­re­ra and Car­los Be­naim, a be­lo­ved per­fu­mer. Com­po­sed with sexy touches of am­ber and worm­wood, mixed with a twist of la­ven­der is met by the warm notes of va­nilla and lea­ther. Car­los Be­naim, who wor­ked through in­no­va­tive tech­no­lo­gy, pro­du­ced a scent to­tal­ly unex­pec­ted and al­lu­ring. 212 VIP Black is an elixir of se­duc­tion, ir­re­sis­tible and re­ser­ved for the men who dare to wear it, who write their own sto­ries, ma­king their own rules and li­ving the life their own way. An ho­mage to the crea­tive class of New York, the true VIPs of the ci­ty who ne­ver sleep.

This new­ly rei­ma­gi­ned 212 VIP uni­verse is the most mil­le­nial of the th­ree fra­grances in the VIP group. The mul­ti­fa­ce­ted Ca­me­ron Dal­las is the face of the new fra­grance 212 VIP Black, while the it- Girl Hai­ley Bald­win is its icon and top mo­del Tay­lor Hill per­so­ni­fied in the sen­sua­li­ty of 212 VIP Ro­sé. The par­ty is the main event in­side the 212 VIP uni­verse. It’s not a tra­di­tio­nal night­club but has mo­ved to a sen­sual, luxu­rious house set­ting, where in­side is the most free­dom that the nights offers. A most me­mo­rable par­ty where the new and ex­clu­sive 212 VIP line becomes the main guest of the eve­ning. The best par­ties al­ways have the best people. 212 VIP looks for the most ta­len­ted men and wo­men who re­present di­verse cul­tures around the world co­ming to­ge­ther for the most ex­clu­sive and un­for­get­table par­ty. All of these people come from dif­ferent ge­ne­ra­tions and per­so­na­li­ties, each brings their au­then­ti­ci­ty and style to the 212 VIP es­sence. All of these no­table fi­gures span the crea­tive fields, from mo­del­ling to music to ac­ting like Xa­vi Ser­ra­no, Pepe Bar­ro­so Jr, Lu­cas Sa­ther­ley, Rau­ry, Ai­dan Walsh, Mar­tinz Bro­thers, Stef­fy Ar­ge­lich, Stav Sta­sh­ko, So­nia Ben Am­mar, Ma­ria Borges and In­ka Williams. They’re the best in their spe­cia­li­ty, just as Ca­ro­li­na Her­re­ra has been in crea­ting fra­grances

Ca­me­ron Dal­las, face of the new fra­grance 212 VIP Black, bet­ween Tay­lor Hill and Hai­ley Bald­win.

Tay­lor Hill and Hai­ley Bald­win, mo­del, na­med « The sexiest Woman in the World » this year.

The 212 VIP gang.

Ca­me­ron Dal­las, 22 years old, is the face of the new fra­grance 212 VIP Black.

Ad­dic­tive, se­duc­tive and bold, 212 VIP Black, the new mas­cu­line fra­grance by Ca­ro­li­na Her­re­ra.

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