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Makes 10 eclairs of 11cm Prep/cook­ing 3 hrs 30 mins IN­GRE­DI­ENTS

• 250g puff pas­try • 450g caramel cream • 350g caramel-fon­dant • 10g choco­late pearls • 10g choco­late fine gran­ules • QS bronze glit­ter­ing pig­ment Puff pas­try • 160g milk • 160g wa­ter • 160g un­salted but­ter • 6g gran­u­lated sugar • 4g salt • 8g liq­uid vanilla • 160g flour type55 • 280g whole eggs Caramel cream • 90g gran­u­lated sugar • 56g un­salted but­ter • 175g mas­car­pone • 115g whip­ping cream 35% fat • 1g gelatin pow­der • 7g wa­ter • A pinch of sea salt Caramel-fon­dant • 30g gran­u­lated sugar • 55g whip­ping cream 35% fat • 20g glu­cose • 5g slightly salted but­ter • 240g white fon­dant


Puff pas­try Heat up the milk, wa­ter, salt, but­ter, sugar and liq­uid vanilla to­gether. When boil­ing, add the flour all at once and, off the heat, stir vig­or­ously with a spat­ula un­til the dough comes away from the sides. With a flat whisk, 'emul­sify' this dough by pour­ing in the eggs grad­u­ally. The re­sult should be smooth and ho­mo­ge­neous. Poach the 11cm-long eclairs. Fro bak­ing in deck oven: 185°C at the floor and 165°C at the vault. 20 mins ex­haust closed, then 30 mins ex­haust opened. If bak­ing in con­vec­tion oven: switch on the oven to 250°C, turn it off, then bake the eclairs. Switch on the oven to 160° when the choux pas­try has puffed (be­tween 12 and 16 mins).

Caramel cream Place the gelatin into wa­ter for at least 5 mins. Cook the gran­u­lated sugar un­til a brown caramel. Deglaze the pan with hot cream. Add but­ter and sea salt. Cool to 50°C, then add gelatin. Grad­u­ally pour the caramel to 45°C on the mas­car­pone and blend with whisk. Pour into a bowl. Leave for at least 2 hours in the fridge be­fore fi­nal ar­range­ment.

Caramel-fon­dant Cook sugar and glu­cose into brown caramel. Deglaze the pan with hot cream. Bake at 109°C. Add salted but­ter and blend. Pour into a bowl and al­low to cool down. Blend the caramel while still warm into the fon­dant slightly heated up with a spat­ula.

Process steps and pre­sen­ta­tion Start with caramel cream. Re­frig­er­ate. Make puff pas­try, shape the 11 cm-long eclairs with a pas­try bag, bake them. Make caramel fon­dant. Set aside. In a closed con­tainer, put choco­late pearls and gran­ules and bronze glit­ter­ing pig­ment. Shake to ho­mo­ge­neously 'coat' the pearls with the pow­der. Fill the eclair with caramel cream, then dip into the caramel fon­dant heat­ing it up un­til it reaches the cor­rect flu­id­ity. Sprin­kle im­me­di­ately with bronze choco­late pearls and gran­ules.

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