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Although peo­ple tend to fol­low rec­om­mended prac­tices when han­dling poul­try, such as wash­ing hands af­ter touch­ing raw chicken and cook­ing it thor­oughly, re­searchers found that wash­ing raw chicken and turkey is also a com­mon prac­tice

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Cross-con­tam­i­na­tion from raw chicken is a big­ger threat than many peo­ple might re­al­ize, with the po­ten­tial to con­tam­i­nate ar­eas of the kitchen that never even made di­rect con­tact with any poul­try. Luck­ily, this threat can eas­ily be avoided: “DO NOT WASH RAW CHICKEN”. While raw chicken and turkey can carry bac­te­ria on their sur­faces, it has been shown that wash­ing raw poul­try un­der run­ning wa­ter in the kitchen sink is a bad idea, since it will risk con­tam­i­nat­ing kitchens with bac­te­ria such as Campy­lobac­ter, the most com­mon type of food poi­son­ing in the UK.

Campy­lobac­ter bac­te­ria can cause ab­dom­i­nal pain and di­ar­rhea, which oc­cur two to five days af­ter in­fec­tion. The di­ar­rhea can some­times con­tain blood. Other symp­toms of campy­lobac­ter in­fec­tion can in­clude fever, headache, nau­sea and vom­it­ing. It usu­ally lasts for three to six days. Campy­lobac­ter in­fec­tion can be fa­tal in young chil­dren, el­derly and peo­ple who have a low­ered im­mune sys­tem.

If mi­crobes were vis­i­ble to the naked eye, we would see that wash­ing poul­try just splashes bac­te­ria all over: • Hands, hu­man skin and cloth­ing • Kitchen tow­els • Coun­ter­tops, sinks and uten­sils • Cook­ing equip­ment • Any other food items present nearby

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO PRE­PARE RAW CHICKEN? • De­frost chicken at the very bot­tom of the re­frig­er­a­tor, away from high-risk food. • Cook de­frosted chicken within 24 hours. • Cover and chill fresh raw chicken be­low 5°C. • Store raw chicken at the bot­tom of the fridge thus avoid­ing cross con­tam­i­na­tion. • Do not rinse, wash or soak raw chicken. • Cook chicken thor­oughly above 75° C. Thor­ough cook­ing will kill any bac­te­ria present in­clud­ing Campy­lobac­ter. • Con­sume cooked chicken im­me­di­ately or cool within two hours and store in­side the re­frig­er­a­tor, away from raw food. • Clean up splashes us­ing a dis­in­fec­tant. • Wash your hands with soap and warm wa­ter af­ter han­dling raw chicken. • Wash and dis­in­fect uten­sils and sur­faces used to pre­pare raw chicken.

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