Cock­tail Desserts with Ni­co­las Audi, Rouba Khalil and Karine Zablit

What bet­ter way to sneak in that 5 o'clock cock­tail than by pour­ing into a scrump­tious sweet

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Trendy choco­late, pan-fried pears flambé with co­gnac


• 40g egg yolks • 10g caster sugar • 100g dark choco­late 66 % • 90g but­ter • 70g egg whites • 10g caster sugar • 25g flour • 35g chopped macademia nuts In a mixer, beat the yolks with the first amount of sugar to a sabayon tex­ture. Mix the melted choco­late and the soft­ened but­ter. Whisk the egg whites with the sec­ond quan­tity of caster sugar. Mix the sabayon and the choco­late and but­ter mix­ture, then add the whipped egg whites and the flour. Place in 16cm di­am­e­ter cir­cle and sprin­kle with chopped macademia nuts. Cook in a con­vec­tion oven at 175ºc for about 18 min­utes.


• 190g whip­ping cream UHT • 50g whole eggs • 20g eggs yolk • 35g caster sugar • ½ vanilla pod • 4g gelatin • 22g co­gnac Make a cus­tard with the cream, eggs, egg yolks, caster sugar and vanilla pod, and cook to 84ºc. Al­low to cool and then add the co­gnac and gelatin. Place in 16cm cir­cle film or flex­i­pan disc molds. Place in freezer.


• 120g egg yolk • 40g wa­ter • 160g sugar • 150g milk choco­late 45% • 300g dark choco­late 70% • 900g whipped cream Make a bomb mix­ture. In saucepan, cook the wa­ter and the sugar to 118ºc, pour the egg yolks in the mixer and con­tinue beat­ing un­til reach 45ºc. Melt choco­late to­gether to 35ºc with a quar­ter of a whipped cream. Add the bomb mix­ture at 35ºc, then the rest of the whipped cream. Set aside for as­sem­bly.


• 750g ripe pears • 90g caster sugar • 45g but­ter • 50g co­gnac 50 % • 1 cin­na­mon stick Cut the pears into thin slices. Melt the but­ter and caster sugar in a fry­ing pan. Add the pears and fry un­til just cooked with the cin­na­mon stick. Flambé with the co­gnac. Re­move the stick, pour the pears into a sieve and leave to cool on bak­ing sheet. Set aside for as­sem­bly.


• 150g wa­ter • 300g glu­cose • 300g caster sugar • 200g sweet­ened con­densed milk • 24g gelatin • 300g white choco­late • 4g white col­orant Cook the wa­ter, caster sugar and glu­cose to 102ºc. Pour over the sweet­ened con­densed milk and the gelatin, and then lastly over the white choco­late and white col­orant. Re­frig­er­ate overnight. The fol­low­ing day, heat the glaze to 40ºc and let cool to 35ºc be­fore use.


On a bak­ing tray cov­ered with a plas­tic sheet, line 18cm-di­am­e­ter, 4.5 cm-high cake rings with dark and milk choco­late mousse. Place a macademia brownie in the bot­tom of the ring, cover with a thin layer of dou­ble choco­late mousse. Ar­range the pears and cover with choco­late mousse. Add the crème brûlée vanille-co­gnac. Smooth with the rest of the mousse. Place in freezer for 6 hours. Re­move the desserts from mold and glaze them with the white mir­ror ic­ing. Dec­o­rate with baby pears and choco­late dec­o­ra­tions.


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