Lamb stuffed with spinach and herbs

Serves 6 Prepa­ra­tion 2hrs 30 mins

Taste & Flavors - - SPECIAL OCCASION -


• 1 bone­less lamb • 10g pars­ley • 10g chives • 10g dill • 10g basil • 10g co­rian­der • 50g spinach • 50g veal stock • 1 kg baby ar­ti­chokes • 500g pota­toes • 3 thyme sprigs • 2 cloves gar­lic • Olive oil and but­ter to roast the veal and pota­toes • Salt & pep­per to taste


For the lamb, wash, strain and blanch all herbs then cool in ice wa­ter. Open the lamb and sea­son, and then add the pressed herbs mix­ture, close and tie up with cook­ing string. Wash the pota­toes, cut in half and cook them in foil for 25 min­utes at 170°C with a knob of but­ter, 3 sprigs of thyme, salt, pep­per, some wa­ter and the cloves of gar­lic. Cook the ar­ti­chokes in wa­ter (add salt, half a lemon and flour to the wa­ter). Note: the flour will help the ar­ti­choke to main­tain its color and not darken. Cut the ar­ti­choke in half and re­move the mid­dle. Sauté the ar­ti­chokes in but­ter or olive oil. Add salt and pep­per. Braise the meat and onions in a pan with olive oil and but­ter to give it a good color. Bake in the oven for 2 ½ hours at 70 de­grees. Re­move from the oven, let the meat rest for 30 min­utes and re­move the cook­ing string. For the sauce, heat veal stock or veal jus, add but­ter and mix un­til it thick­ens into a rich sauce. Gar­nish with ar­ti­chokes and pota­toes as in the pic­ture.

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