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“Cele­riac is def­i­nitely my fa­vorite vegetable! You will al­ways find it on the menu when it is in the sea­son. It is funny how my en­tourage can’t stand it any­more be­cause I just can’t get enough of it. There are so many ways to cook it. Try and add some in creamy mashed potato if you are not sure if you like it. It seems rus­tic, but in fact, it is full of min­er­als, vi­ta­mins, nu­tri­ments and trace-el­e­ments. My best ad­vice is to buy your veg­eta­bles at the mar­ket, in line with the fol­low­ing of the sea­sons. They are no more ex­pen­sive, are fresher and there­fore tastier. You can also ask the pro­duc­ers how to cook them and for their tricks; they are al­ways very keen to share, which is a nice touch.”


“Sauce is 'the verb of French cui­sine'; try it con­sti­tutes 80% of the in­ter­est of a dish. Sauces are ev­ery­where in France: ganache, French cus­tard and ice cream, just to men­tion a few. We needed to cre­ate new sauces to fit our mod­ern needs and de­sires, which is why we de­vel­oped our rev­o­lu­tion­ary process of Ex­trac­tion®. In short, we cook each prod­uct sep­a­rately at the right tem­per­a­ture in­stead of throw­ing them all in a hugely hot pan with fat, and then we re­duce each of them through a freez­ing process in­stead of evap­o­rat­ing the whole mix­ture on the heat. This gives us a col­lec­tion of dif­fer­ent Ex­trac­tions® that we can then blend to­gether. This tech­nique al­lows us to ob­tain less salty, less greasy, more min­eral-rich and more tasty sauces."


“Sur­pris­ingly, we eat fermented prod­ucts all the time - cof­fee, cho­co­late, ketchup, wine, cheese, beer, just to men­tion a few... the list never ends! So far, the process has only been used for ba­sic func­tions to pre­serve prod­ucts and help them be­come more di­gestible. How­ever, it is also an un­par­al­leled taste en­hancer; it brings life to prod­ucts, and com­bined with our Ex­trac­tion® tech­nique, it gives our dishes amaz­ing power and in­ten­sity on top of the cau­dalie and min­er­al­ity we al­ready have.”

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