With wed­ding sea­son Vera Yam­mine

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Buf­fet eti­quette with Vera Yam­mine

14 tips to keep in mind

• Never am­ple the food be­fore the buf­fet is of­fi­cially open. If the uten­sils are al­ready at the din­ing table you don’t need to look for the buf­fet table. • Al­ways check if the buf­fet has one or more lines, and if the buf­fet has dif­fer­ent sec­tions; choose the sec­tion you want to start with. • No need to serve your­self your whole meal in one round, you can start with the ap­pe­tiz­ers, sal­ads, then come back for the main course and later come back for the dessert (for the desserts, you change your plate). • Al­ways re­spect the queue and never start in the mid­dle of a line

or from the op­po­site di­rec­tion. • Never hold two plates at the same time. • Never touch the food with your fin­gers; al­ways use the serv­ing

uten­sils. • Place all the serv­ing uten­sils in the orig­i­nal dishes not on

an­other plate and be care­ful to not use your per­sonal uten­sils. • Don't eat while in line or from the buf­fet di­rectly, • Don't get close to the per­son ahead of you; give them some

space to serve them­selves. • Hold your nap­kin and uten­sils in your lef t hand and un­der the

plate leav­ing your right hand free to ser ve your­self. • Carry food and drinks sep­a­rately to the table; some­times drinks

are served so you wont have to carry it. • If you changed your mind about an item you se­lected don’t put

it back. • Do not cough or sneeze near to the buf­fet step out of the line or

turn away. • Don't for­get to be pa­tient; ev­ery­one in line is in the same sit­u­a­tion.

I have cre­ated Ticket To Eti­quette to share all the tips about Mod­ern Eti­quette in a sim­ple, en­ter­tain­ing and en­gag­ing way. Mod­ern Eti­quette is not about com­pli­cat­ing our lives. It’s about be­ing kind, re­spect­ful, el­e­gant, so­cial... It’s about the good man­ners that should al­ways be a thing of the present and not just of the past. tick­et2e­ti­

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