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How to make a su­gar paste gar­den rose

Makes 1 medium sized rose of 15 petals or 1 big rose of 20 petals Prepa­ra­tion 2 days


• Non-stick sil­i­cone mat • Ball tool • 1 thick wire stem • 1 or 2 thin wire stems • Pli­ers • 3 sizes of rose petal cut­ters • 200g packet of white gum paste (buy it or

make it) • 2 x food col­or­ing (pink for petals and green

for leaf ) • Rolling pin or rolling ball • Brush • Wa­ter • Wooden stick • X-acto knife


Pre­pare the bud and the leaves.


As­sem­ble the petals and the bud.

To make cones for the cen­ter of the roses [1] Roll white gum paste into a 3cm ball [2] Roll one side to a point to give a cone shape. [3] Brush a lit­tle bit of wa­ter onto the thick stem [4] Insert it into the broad end of the cone­shaped bud. Al­low to dry 24 hours.

For the pink rose petals [5] Roll the gum paste with the rolling pin un­til it is 5mm thick. [6] Cut petals with petal cut­ter mold in three dif­fer­ent sizes. Tip: The big­ger you want the flower, the big­ger the mold should be. [7] Take a ball tool and thin out the up­per part of the petal. [8] Add a drop of wa­ter on the top of the bud to al­low the up­per part of the petal to stick prop­erly. [9] Roll the petal all over the bud. [10] Add an­other petal and re­peat. [11] If the petal sticks from the top, use a wooden stick to push it open. [12] Grad­u­ally add petals to make the rose big­ger. Tip: For a medium rose you will need to pre­pare 15 petals; for a big rose - 20 petals. For the leaf [13] Roll out the green gum paste. [14] With a wooden stick, draw out the leaf in the de­sired size and cut it out with a knife. [15] Stick the thin stem to the leaf. [16] Vein the leaf by press­ing on the gum with the wooden stick. [17] Press on the edges of the leaf with the ball roll to make the leaf thin­ner. [18] Al­low to rest a few hours to dry. [19] At­tach the leaf wires to­gether and then to the flower. Tip: You can use green florist tape if nec­es­sary.

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