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Chef Lau­rent Allereau


Su­gar dough

25 g al­mond pow­der

40 g po­tato starch

170 g flour T55

1 g salt

85 g pow­dered su­gar

125 g but­ter, room tem­per­a­ture 1 small size whole egg (50 g) Al­mond cream

50 g soft­ened but­ter

50 g su­gar

50 g al­mond pow­der

1 whole egg

Cre­meux choco­late

450 cl cream

50 g glu­cose or corn syrup

610 g Man­jari Val­rhona choco­late 300 g cream, cold

Man­darine com­pote

5 g gela­tine leaves

200 g man­darin flesh

2 g man­darin zest

4 g agar-agar

50 g ap­ple juice

Man­darine glaze

150 g glu­cose or corn syrup 300 g man­darin puree

50 g ap­ple juice

12 g gelatin leaves Choco­late glaze

50 g wa­ter

200 g su­gar

50 g co­coa pow­der

160 g cream

7 g gelatin


For the su­gar dough, but­ter your tart mould and dust with flour, re­mov­ing the ex­cess flour. Add but­ter to the dough to make it soft. Sift the pow­dered su­gar, salt, vanilla and al­mond pow­der and add the mix­ture to the but­ter. Mix the po­tato starch and flour to­gether, then add half of it to the mix. Add the egg. Do not over mix the dough. Add the re­main­ing pow­der. Keep in the chiller un­der cel­lo­phane for about 1 hour. Roll a 2mm thick disk of dough and top your tart mould; keep it for at least 30 min­utes in the chiller be­fore bak­ing. Pipe the al­mond cream on to the tart and bake at 180°C for about 12 to 15 min­utes.


For the al­mond cream, mix the soft­ened but­ter and the su­gar with a spat­ula. When well mixed, add to it the al­mond pow­der and the egg. Fill the tart shell up to the mid­dle and bake in the oven at 180°C for about 12 min­utes.


For the cre­meux choco­late, grad­u­ally pour the boil­ing hot mix­ture (cream 450cl + glu­cose) over the chopped choco­late, stir­ring from the cen­ter to cre­ate a shiny and elas­tic core. Main­tain this tex­ture right to the end of the mix­ing stage. Con­tinue mix­ing, grad­u­ally adding the liq­uid. Mix with a hand mixer to fin­ish and add the 300g cold cream into it. Set aside the ganache for 12 hours. Whip the cream un­til you ob­tain a tex­ture of peaks and pipe it into a spher­i­cal sil­i­cone mould. Add the pre­vi­ously made man­darin com­pote into the cream.


For the man­darine com­pote, soak the gelatin leaves in cold wa­ter for 15 min­utes. Grate the zest of one man­darin. Peel and re­move seeds from the man­darin. Process with a hand blender (you will ob­tain what is known as “man­darin puree”). Mix the man­darin puree with the ap­ple juice, then place it in a pan and bring gen­tly to a boil. Pour the agar-agar into it and bring to a boil. Whisk at all times dur­ing the full cooking. Re­move from the stove and add the drained gelatin. Place in a con­tainer; place plas­tic film di­rectly on top of the puree and keep it in the chiller un­til it is set.

Be­fore us­ing, the com­pote should be gen­tly mixed by hand with a whisk in or­der to soften it and then placed into a pip­ing bag. Pipe this com­pote into a small spher­i­cal sil­i­cone mould. Keep it in the freezer. When frozen, re­move from the mould and place it in the cre­meux choco­late insert.


For the man­darine glaze, soak the gelatin leaves for 15 min­utes in cold wa­ter. Bring the man­darin puree, ap­ple juice and corn syrup to a boil. Add the drained gelatin to the hot puree away from the stove. Set to one side un­til it reaches 40°C. Glaze your pis­ta­chioman­darin insert. Place these on top of the tart shell al­ready topped with the choco­late cre­meux.


For the choco­late glaze, soak the gelatin leaves in cold wa­ter for 15 min­utes. Bring the wa­ter, su­gar and cream to a boil. While boil­ing, add the co­coa pow­der. Stir well and bring to a boil one more time. Re­move from the stove and add the drained gelatin. Use at 50°C to top your al­mond cream tart shell.

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