White choco­late matcha cake

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Chef Pierre Abi Hayla, Le Noir Ate­lier Du Cho­co­lat


250 g but­ter

250 g egg whites Matcha moist bis­cuit 200 g su­gar

230 g al­mond pow­der 10 g matcha tea pow­der 120 g flour

200 g white choco­late Matcha ganache

590 g cream

70 g in­verted su­gar 1420 g white choco­late 50 g co­coa but­ter

50 g matcha tea pow­der


For the matcha bis­cuit, mix the but­ter with the melted choco­late. Mix all of the pow­ders to­gether. Whip the egg whites with the su­gar.


Fin­ish by adding the choco­late mix to the pow­ders and add the whipped egg whites and su­gar. Bake at 175°C for 20 min­utes.


For the matcha ganache, boil the cream with the in­vert su­gar and the matcha pow­der. Pour over the white choco­late and co­coa but­ter and mix well. Fin­ish by adding the but­ter at 35°C.


Place the first layer on a cake plat­ter. Spread gen­er­ous amount of cream on top. Add the sec­ond layer, re­peat the process.

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