Gam­beroni rotie aux fines herbes

Taste & Flavors - - SUMMER - By Chef Jerome An­fray L'av­enue Du Parc

Chef Jerome An­fray, L'av­enue Du Parc


4 pcs Gam­beroni prawns (400g)

20 cl olive oil

20 g ca­pers

4 big toma­toes

2 le­mons

1 pc basil

250 g mesclun salad

Salt, pep­per, es­pelette spice, oregano & herbes de Provence to taste


Re­move the shell of the prawns; keep­ing the head and the tail. Re­move the dor­sal vein and insert a stick to keep the prawns up­right.

Bake with salt, pep­per, oregano, Herbs de Provence and olive oil for 12 min­utes.

For the sauce, re­move the tomato skins and cut into small cubes. Add chopped ca­pers, chopped basil, le­mon zest and olive oil. Sea­son.

When the prawns are cooked, let cool. Re­move the ba­ton and put on a plate. Add the sauce.

Plate the salad and driz­zle the sauce. You can add small mango cubes, radish sticks and a fried basil leaf.

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