Roasted wild duck & mush­rooms

Taste & Flavors - - FALL - By Chef Tarek Alamed­dine

Chef Tarek Alamed­dine


Wild duck

1 L chicken stock

500 g tomato juice

3 g moss

25 g sea­weed

50 g dry cep mush­rooms 2 bay leaves

3 g car­away

3 car­damom pods

4 g dry co­rian­der seeds 3 g ju­niper berry

2 g sumac pow­der

Fresh pine branch

4 g thyme

200 g but­ter

Roasted mush­rooms

3 pc hen of the wood

300 g fun­nel chanterell­es 200 g black trum­pets

400 g hedge­hog


Fresh herbs

Wa­ter cress

Beach mus­tard



Rocket flow­ers Nas­tur­tium flow­ers Beach mus­tard flow­ers


Pluck and cut duck; prefer­ably dry aged in the fridge for two days on a rack to al­low air circulatio­n. Then truss the duck and stuff with le­mon thyme or nor­mal thyme.

Pre­heat the oven at 190°C. Place the duck on a bed of hay glaze us­ing a brush. Roast for around 20 min­utes un­til the in­ter­nal tem­per­a­ture of the breast gets to 4648°C. Al­low the duck to rest for 10 min be­fore carv­ing; note that the in­ter­nal tem­per­a­ture will rise up to 5558°C. If you like your duck cooked all the way and not medium leave the duck roast­ing for an­other 5 min­utes, mak­ing sure to glaze heav­ily ev­ery 5 min­utes.

Us­ing a mor­tar and pes­tle crush car­away, car­damom, co­rian­der seeds, sumac and the ju­niper berries. Then add the pine in or­der to smash the wood and the nee­dles into the dried spices. Bring the in­gre­di­ents al­to­gether to boil then re­move from the heat. Cover the pot for steep­ing around an hour then strain the liq­uid into an­other­duce by half on medium heat. Once the base is re­duced by half us­ing a hand blender Monte the but­ter by adding small cubes of cold but­ter into the glaze. Once you are done adding the but­ter, the glaze should have a thick con­sis­tency that it sticks to the back of the spoon. Sea­son the fin­ished glaze with salt and white wine vine­gar to taste. Any va­ri­ety of herbs can also work.

Af­ter clean­ing the mush­rooms with a brush, cut the mush­rooms. Start by roast­ing the hen of the wood and the hedge­hog with some olive oil un­til they start to color. Af­ter that add the chanterell­es and the black trum­pet, do not stir the pan un­til the mush­room start to color and lose their mois­ture. When the mush­rooms are cooked, sea­son with salt and add 3 spoon­fulls of the glaze and sauté quickly. Toss the herbs in white wine vine­gar and olive oil and assem­ble the dish, top­ping the mush­rooms with the flow­ers.

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