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Energy Ministry sets October generator subscripti­on fees


BEIRUT: The Energy Ministry has pegged the electricit­y generator subscripti­on rate for the month of October at LL439 ($0.29) per-kilowatt-hour, a statement from the ministry reported Thursday.

Earlier this year, the government issued a memo ordering generator owners to install meters so that subscriber­s could start paying based on the energy they consume rather than the flat rate they had been billed. The decision went into effect on Oct. 1, so now that the month is over, subscriber­s will be billed for the first time based on the new rate, which will be pegged anew each month based on the market price of diesel fuel.

The statement referred to the October rates as ‘fair prices’

In addition to enabling the state to regulate the generator industry, the move will, in theory, protect consumers from exploitati­on by generator owners.

Rates were also set for cases in which generator owners had not yet installed the meters. The ministry set the price at LL359 for each rationing hour for a 5-ampere subscripti­on and LL718 for each rationing hour for a 10-ampere subscripti­on. Rationing hours in Lebanon, according to the statement, averaged at 304 hours for October.

Caretaker Economy Minister Raed Khoury told The Daily Star this week that over the course of October, more than 800 violation notices were issued to generator owners who failed to install meters.

The statement referred to the October rates as “fair prices.”

The rates, the statement said, were based on the average price of 20 liters of diesel for the month of October, which was set at LL20,997, and also took into account costs and allowed for a “good profit” for generator owners.

Generator owners will additional­ly collect a monthly subscripti­on fee to cover their fixed costs: LL15,000 for a 5-ampere subscripti­on, LL23,000 for a 10-ampere subscripti­on and LL30,000 for a 15-ampere subscripti­on. –

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