The Daily Star (Lebanon)

State prosecutor requests appeal in homicide case


BEIRUT: State Prosecutor Samir Hammoud Thursday requested the appeal and annulment of a court decision acquitting a man due to insufficie­nt evidence who was suspected of inflicting fatal injuries on his wife, the state-run National News Agency reported. Hammoud called on north Lebanon’s Appeal Judge Nabil Wehbi to appeal and annul the decision Wednesday by the region’s Criminal Court in the 2013 case of the death of Rola Yaacoub. The Criminal Court, headed by Judge Dany Chebli, acquitted the accused, Karam alBazi, based on a majority vote by one judge and two advisers. According to a judicial source, the two advisers voted to acquit because of “insufficie­nt evidence,” while Chebli opposed the acquittal. The source said Hammoud’s decision paves the way for the case to be referred to the Court of Cassation if presented during the allowed period and if the appeal is accepted. The court will then conduct a retrial and issue a binding decision. Bazi had been accused of killing his wife, Yaacoub, who was 31 at the time. She was rushed to hospital late at night after neighbors found her wounded and unconsciou­s, but she did not survive. At the time, neighbors reported that Bazi repeatedly beat his wife and their five daughters. –

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