The Daily Star (Lebanon)

Subcommitt­ee puts off decentrali­zation laws


BEIRUT: A parliament­ary subcommitt­ee adjourned without passing administra­tive decentrali­zation draft laws Thursday, according to the state-run National News Agency. The subcommitt­ee of the joint parliament­ary committees, which was headed by MP George Adwan, continued to study several draft laws pertaining to administra­tive decentrali­zation. A statement released by the subcommitt­ee said it will further study the law in a session scheduled for next Thursday. The subcommitt­ee also followed up on draft laws regarding the yet-to-be-formed Judicial Administra­tive Council. They studied the council’s proposed agenda and the way in which it should call for a session. The statement said the committee passed some articles with amendments and will further study the laws in future sessions. –

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