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RABAT: Morocco, struggling with an influx of African migrants seeking passage to nearby Europe, Thursday imposed a new rule requiring such travelers to fill out an online travel form for approval at least 96 hours before leaving home. The procedure on a website carrying the Moroccan Foreign Ministry logo applies to a range of African countries whose citizens currently can enter Morocco without visas, except for Algeria and Tunisia. The new procedure “aims to facilitate passenger traffic … It will help Moroccan authoritie­s know in advance the identity of travelers before boarding [planes],” reads a document issued by Morocco’s embassy in Mali and seen by Reuters. In Africa, Morocco offers visa-free entry to the nationals of Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Congo Brazzavill­e, Gabon and Ivory Coast. The new travel regulation took effect Thursday for citizens of Congo Brazzavill­e, Guinea Conakry and Mali, according to a document from the Moroccan airline RAM. Mali, Guinea and to a lesser extent Congolese nationals comprise the bulk of Europe-bound migrants coming to Morocco. –

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