The Monthly : 2018-12-01

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The Monthly December 2018 – January 2019 The Nation Reviewed 12 An Exclusive Culture Comment by Nick Feik 14 Saving Ningaloo Comment by Tim Winton 18 Norfolk’s Choice by Jeff Sparrow 20 Age of Activism by Emma Hardy Essays & Features 22 Losing the Plot Across America in the shadow of the midterms by Richard Cooke 30 The Rebellion Popular forces are gathering in Dutton country by John Birmingham 38 A Nagging Doubt The retrial of David Eastman by Sam Vincent 50 The Man in the Log Tjukurpa wati minyma kutjaratja­ra by Kim Mahood Vox 60 Skin in the Game by Lola Button 64 Angeles City Revisited by Margaret Simons Arts & Letters 70 poetry His Own Gravity Nam Le on Les Murray’s ‘Collected Poems’ 76 books Fair Judgement Without Surrender Adam Rivett on Chloe Hooper’s ‘The Arsonist’ 80 film The Virtue of Concision Shane Danielsen on Paweł Pawlikowsk­i’s ‘Cold War’ 84 music Too Many Girls Anwen Crawford on female fandom 88 Noted 90 In Light of Recent Events

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