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Issue 151 Level 1, 221 Drummond Street, Carlton vic Australia 3053 p +61 3 9486 0288 f +61 3 9011 6106 The Monthly CONTRIBUTO­RS NICK FEIK LOLA BUTTON (“An Exclusive Culture”, p.12) is the editor of The Monthly. w e e e TIM WINTON Nick Feik Natalie Book Patrick Witton Editor Deputy Editor Production Editor Digital Copy Editor & Social Media Coordinato­r Associate Editor Design Illustrati­ons (“Skin in the Game”, p.60) is a Melbourneb­ased creative writing student and works at a cinema. Kate Greenwood Chris Feik Public Office Jeff Fisher (“Saving Ningaloo”, p.14) is a writer. His most recent novel is MARGARET SIMONS The Shepherd’s Hut. (“Angeles City Revisited”, p.64) is an associate professor in journalism at Monash University. She is the author of numerous essays and articles and 10 books, including JEFF SPARROW (“Norfolk’s Choice”, p.18) is a Melbourne editor, writer and broadcaste­r. His latest book is The Content Schwartz Media Publisher CEO Morry Schwartz Rebecca Costello +61 3 9486 0288; rebeccac@schwartzme­ Erik Jensen Makers. Trigger Warnings: Political Correctnes­s and the Rise of the Right. NAM LE Editor- in- Chief Product & Project Manager Developmen­t Team Lead Developer Finance Manager National Sales Manager Suzannah Ahearn Rupert Dance EMMA HARDY Sam Wijesinha Beau Kondos Fabien Beillard +61 420 639 459; fabienb@schwartzme­ Advertisin­g & Partnershi­ps Coordinato­r Jade Byers-Pointer Fushia Saulwick Simon McInerney (“His Own Gravity”, p.70) is the author of His poetry has been published in and Marketing Coordinato­r Subscripti­ons Manager The Boat. Conjunctio­ns, Boston Review Harvard Review. On David Malouf (“Age of Activism”, p.20) is a writer and an improviser based in Naarm (Melbourne). Illustrati­ons by Kenny Pittock His book published in May 2019. will be Cover is published 11 times a year by The Monthly Pty Ltd. Distribute­d to newsagents by Gordon and Gotch and to bookseller­s by The Monthly Pty Ltd. Printed in Australia by PMP Print. Material in is protected under the No material may be reproduced in part or whole without written consent from the copyright holders. The Monthly Pty Ltd takes all care but no responsibi­lity for any material submitted. The Monthly RICHARD COOKE (“Losing the Plot”, p.22) is correspond­ent and contributi­ng editor. The Monthly’s US ADAM RIVETT The Monthly Copyright Act 1968. JOHN BIRMINGHAM (“The Rebellion”, p.30) is an author, a columnist and a journalist. His books include and He Died With a Felafel in His Hand Leviathan: The Unauthoris­ed Biography of Sydney. (“Fair Judgement Without Surrender”, p.76) is a Melbourne-based writer. He has written for January 28, 2019 Next issue on sale SAM VINCENT (“A Nagging Doubt”, p.38) is a Canberraba­sed writer and the author of The Lifted Brow, The Age, The Australian, Island, Fireflies Seizure. ISSN 1832– 3421 Blood and Guts: Dispatches from the Whale Wars. Print Post Approved 3525853/00442 and please visit, or email, or phone +61 3 9486 0211 or Freecall 1800 077 514 (within Australia). Subscripti­on rates 1 year: $109.95 (aut0renewi­ng, within Australia), $174.95 (auto-renewing, outside Australia). All prices include GST (within Australia), and postage and handling. To subscribe, KIM MAHOOD SHANE DANIELSEN (“The Virtue of Concision”, p.80) is a screenwrit­er and former artistic director of the Edinburgh Internatio­nal Film Festival. ANWEN CRAWFORD (“Too Many Girls”, p.84) is music critic. The Monthly’s You can send us documents safely and securely with our SecureDrop server: od2icdth5c­eo32wq.onion OSLO DAVIS (“The Man in the Log”, p.50) is the author of and the essay “Kartiya Are Like Toyotas: White Workers on Australia’s Cultural Frontier”. (“In Light of Recent Events”, p.90) is an illustrato­r, artist and cartoonist. His latest book is His work currently adorns a tram as part of the Melbourne Festival’s Art Tram project. For more informatio­n and other safe and anonymous communicat­ion methods, visit Craft for a Dry Lake, Position Doubtful Overheard – The Art of Eavesdropp­ing.

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