The Monthly : 2018-12-01

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12 the nation reviewed Comment by Nick Feik Question Time, September 10, 2018. © Mick Tsikas / AAP Images AN EXCLUSIVE CULTURE The government’s suite of half-formed ideas work for no one currently led by Scott Morrison, is moored to a set of ideas largely left behind by the general public. Most Australian­s believe in a social-democratic compact in which government­s deliver decent services and infrastruc­ture. Multicultu­ralism, environmen­talism, secularism, public broadcasti­ng, workers’ rights, and regulation to prevent corporate and government corruption – these are now baked into society. Wherever possible, though, Liberals fight them. In most cases they are joined by their Coalition partners. The public isn’t crying out for corporate tax cuts. On the contrary, it wants more funding for health, education and a welfare safety net. Lower power prices? They’re an issue of public concern, but so too is the truly grave issue of climate change. The Coalition has done nothing to address either. However, many of its MPs believe in freedom of expression for religious organisati­ons and racists, and even support such motions in parliament. One effect of having an agenda so out of step with the public is that it becomes difficult to do anything at all. Policies that emerge from the Coalition party room The Liberal–National Coalition, the nation reviewed

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