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IN re­sponse to “Ba­sotho warned of Ponzi scheme” ( Le­sotho Times, Jan­uary 14, 2016), life is all about tak­ing risks, and you need to use money to make money. Ev­ery mem­ber of MMM joined know­ing all the risks in­volved.

They know it’s a mat­ter of win­ning or los­ing. What most peo­ple have re­alised is that the govern­ment and banks are al­ways against ini­tia­tives that help peo­ple get rich as long they do not ben­e­fit from them. So I don’t re­ally know why the govern­ment and cen­tral bank are wor­ried about peo­ple join­ing MMM.

They should be left ot en­joy the money while they can. It is not like the govern­ment is do­ing any­thing to bet­ter the lives of Ba­sotho. Let Ba­sotho live and en­joy this while it lasts.

Grace IN re­sponse to “Ba­sotho warned of Ponzi scheme” ( Le­sotho Times, Jan­uary 14, 2016), it sad­dens the heart to see Ba­sotho so ig­no­rant and naïve. The per­son be­hind this MMM scheme was con­victed and jailed for four-and-a-half years in Rus­sia, and the South Africans have con­demned the pro­ject as an il­le­gal Ponzi scheme, yet Ba­sotho are in­vest­ing in their num­bers. Some of the Ba­sotho in­vest­ing in the scheme think that the govern­ment would op­pose the scheme be­cause it does not want them to get rich. Well, I don’t know what peo­ple use their brains for in­stead of rea­son­ing...

Mosae Phats’oa.

WHAT’S Le­sotho Times worry? My money my rules, no one tells me what to do with it!

Tsoto Mo­ha­soa. IS this jeal­ousy that peo­ple are get­ting rich or con­cern that banks will fall? LOL! Let the banks fall!

Epic Julz.

WHAT is hap­pen­ing to Le­sotho now? (“Five gunned down in sus­pected famo killing” Le­sotho Times, Jan­uary 14, 2016). I know Le­sotho as a peace­ful King­dom but nowa­days they are adopt­ing the bad prac­tices of other na­tions.


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