Litjobo broth­ers ‘liv­ing in fear’

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THE Litjobo broth­ers, Re­filoe and Thuso, who are both mem­bers of the Al­liance of Democrats (AD) say they have been alerted to a plot to as­sas­si­nate them.

Re­filoe re­cently told the Le­sotho Times that he re­ceived a tip-off that he and his brother Thuso, who is the Pres­i­dent of the AD Youth League were be­ing “hunted like an­i­mals by peo­ple who wanted them dead”.

“There is a mis­sion to kill us and un­for­tu­nately some of the peo­ple who are be­ing used to tail us hap­pen to be our close friends,” Re­filoe said.

He nar­rated how, on Satur­day while in Mazenod at about 2pm, they re­ceived a tipoff that they should leave the place be­fore 5pm which they sub­se­quently did.

He said fur­ther to that “at around 8pm, I re­ceived some unan­nounced vis­i­tors at my home”.

“And as I left for my bed­room, I re­ceived yet an­other tip-off that there were peo­ple sur­round­ing my house and they were there to carry out their plot to kill me but they couldn’t gain en­try into the house on ac­count of the pres­ence of other peo­ple in the house who were not tar­geted and could be caught in the at­tack”.

He said the door was even opened from the out­side and closed even though no-one en­tered and at­tacked them that night.

“On Sun­day af­ter­noon I again re­ceived an­other tip-off that there would be an at­tack in the evening and we would have to leave be­fore the end of the party rally which was held in Koro-koro.

He said while he had his sus­pi­cions, he had “heard that there is mis­sion to top­ple the gov­ern­ment and the only way to do that is to get us killed and cause vi­o­lence that will un­seat the gov­ern­ment”.

“I am very wor­ried that there are peo­ple who feel they are more priv­i­leged to live safely in this coun­try than oth­ers at our taxes’ ex­pense.

“It is quite scary to see ‘Boko-haram’ ris- ing within the gov­ern­ment among the se­cu­rity agen­cies be­cause in some coun­tries we call such groups rebels and this only says that there are el­e­ments within the se­cu­rity agen­cies that need to be dealt with.”

The broth­ers said they were deal­ing with a “very dan­ger­ous syndicate” and “we no longer know who to trust and who not to trust and we won’t take these threats lightly”.

Thuso said he sus­pected they were be­ing fol­lowed by some el­e­ments from se­cu­rity in- sti­tu­tions.

“I know who are be­hind this plot, maybe that is why we are al­ways es­cap­ing, even if they suc­ceed they will have used peo­ple close to us and those will be peo­ple who have once served in the se­cu­rity agen­cies.

“It is sad to be in this sit­u­a­tion even af­ter our suc­cess­ful strug­gle to put in place a gov­ern­ment we voted for,” Thuso said, adding, “but we be­lieve that the Lord will pro­tect us as al­ways”.

Thuso has pre­vi­ously fin­gered the se­curi- ty sec­tor in plots against him and his claims have been re­jected as un­true by the lat­ter.

Po­lice spokesper­son Se­nior Su­per­in­ten­dent Clif­ford Molefe con­firmed re­ceiv­ing a com­plaint from the broth­ers, adding, “We are work­ing on it as the po­lice”.

“We would there­fore like to appeal to those be­hind these acts to re­frain from them and if it’s any­thing to go by, they should re­port their mat­ter to the po­lice be­cause no one has a right to threaten an­other per­son,” Se­nior Su­per­in­ten­dent Molefe said.

AD mem­ber Re­filoe Litjobo.

AD Youth League Pres­i­dent Thuso Litjobo.

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