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Dj Shaker survives horrific car crash


Famous Leribe-based Dj Shaker is lucky to be alive after his Toyota Noah MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle) collided head-on with another vehicle on Thursday.

The accident occurred along the Main North 1 Road between Tsikoane and Ha Ben, in Leribe around mid-day.

However, the famed entertaine­r aged 27, from Maputsoe miraculous­ly escaped with no serious injuries, although both vehicles were badly damaged.

Dj Shaker, whose real name is Thapelo Sellane, said the other car suddenly dashed into his lane in an attempt to overtake a third vehicle.

“It then rammed my car which veered off the road and overturned. My car is badly damaged on the left side.

“I tried to avoid being hit but the collision happened pretty fast. It was quite a scary experience. This is the second car accident that I am involved in my life. A few years back, I was involved in another head-on collision in Hlotse. I thank God that I'm still alive and alright.

I still have both hands to continue mesmerisin­g my fans and contribute to the entertainm­ent industry in my own way.

“My vehicle which I used to ferry my sound equipment to and from events is damaged because of a reckless driver. It is a beautiful MUV with my name and business details branded on the sides, my fans really adored it. It was my transporte­r and marketing tool and even operated as a school bus.

“This is a big loss but if you feel like you're losing everything, remember that trees lose leaves every year and still stand tall and wait for better days,” he told Metro.

Dj Shaker is one of a few disk jockeys who own large sound equipment in Leribe.

This enables him to share it and manage a number of gigs at the same time with his team of Djs that include Dj Darling K aka Thabang Ratalane.

“I have touched thousands of souls with my music. Music will always remain a universal language that communicat­es deep joy that words can't express. I haven't stopped working,” the artiste said after the car accident.

Feeling sorry for his friend and colleague, Dj Darling K said, “I'm thankful to the Lord that he is OK. Shaker is the man who made me famous by allowing upcoming DJs like me to be part of his business. Leribe wouldn't be the same without him. Fans were devastated when they saw his vehicle being towed away, badly damaged like that. They were all worried, wondering if he had survived the horrific accident.”

My vehicle which I used to ferry my sound equipment to and from events is damaged because of a reckless driver.

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 ??  ?? Dj Shaker's car lying by the roadside
Dj Shaker's car lying by the roadside
 ??  ?? Survivor: Leribe-based artiste Dj Shaker
Survivor: Leribe-based artiste Dj Shaker

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