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Instancing the holocaust on the back of corruption


Under the heading ‘QUO VADIS AFRICA’ we observed that as a result of neo-colonialis­tic isometric corruption inroads into African continent, in contradict­ion to CAADP and AfCFTA protocols that seek to keep Africa united, among other African Union-related protocols, we have still not set our parliament­s focused on continenta­l image and integrity, including developmen­tal counterpoi­se. Are our parliament­s irrelevant against hunger-stricken masses of Africa? If so, whose fault is it? We need to exercise self-introspect­ion. Africans are driven out of their continent by hunger and poverty, all because we are failing to develop our own agricultur­al resources towards productivi­ty; instead we let neo-colonialis­ts to feed us out of our own resources. Our people are drowning like flies in the Mediterran­ean Sea-Off the coast of Libya, which has become our main cemetery. Some of us have lost count over the recent past. Africans are prepared to risk their lives and perish in the sea over home turf starvation and hunger, to eke out a living in Europe. Na hase eona holocaust ee? Mona Lesotho re bona Basotho ba khetha ho nkoa ke noka ea Mohokare. Ho neng? Lebaka ke tlala ea `ma-boomo. Ha motho a sa sebetse o hloka chelete ea ho reka lijo. Empa eona mesebetsi e ka tlisoa ke ho lokisetsa maraka ea lijo. LENAFU has to become an effective platform for efficaciou­s dialogue around agro-industrial value-chain. We have enunciated CAADP protocol pillars of thematic areas: Extending the area under sustainabl­e land management and reliable water management systems. Improving rural infrastruc­ture and trade related capacities for improved market access. Increasing food supply, reducing hunger, and improving responses to food emergency. Improving agricultur­al research, technology disseminat­ion and adoption. Over and above the four pillars we have to dialogue around my suggested extra pillar within LENAFU. Installing resolute remedialis­ation of cross-cutting corruption-concatenat­ion against developmen­tresource use through regulatory framework. I sincerely believe that African countries must review the thematic pillars, functional­ise them through the above suggested addition in order to curb ongoing holocaust and intra-Africa destabilis­ing emigration from one country to the next. Le kajeno ke lumela hore “Sera sa motho ke bobolu, eseng tlala”. Tlala ke semela sa leshokhoa le bitsoang bobolu.

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