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James Bond had an Aston Martin DB5. Steve McQueen, a 1968 Mustang.You have - a used Kia? Your salvation: a classic sports car, says Joe Lorio of Automobile magazine. "It looks really cool, and nobody knows you paid the same as somebody who bought a new Ford Explorer."

There is every chance that your car looks like the next car across the road. With more people going mobile, increasing­ly more vehicles look the same. The law does not permit you to casually make a change to your car. However, there are a few tips you can consider to differenti­ate your car from the others.

The car wrapping technology is certainly a cool addition to the market. This product is ideal for those who want an upgrade of their car looks. It saves you all the time and stress of going for a total repaint of your car. There are a lot of cool designs to select from. The choices are just endless. For those who wish to advertise their product on the go, this is one way to do it with custom stickers. Wrapping is much easier and can be done at home with the right tools. It is, however, important that the profession­als do the job. Most car designers rely on monotonous colours for their finished brands. The most common paint colours are white, grey, black and silver. One thing you can do to make your car stand out is by repainting. Use less common paint to make your car shine in the crowd. When investing in car paint, ensure to go for high quality. Engage the services of a profession­al to get a nicely finished work. Repainting a car can be very tricky because when it's not properly done, what you will get is ugly car exterior. Quality car paints can last long and adds to the beauty of your car. It is also the best way to give yourself that customized look you really want.

Car sticker is one easy way to recognize your car in the crowd. There are a lot of designs and colours out there to choose from, with both reflective car stickers and custom car stickers.

The reflective car sticker, as the name implies, is designed to reflect light, which makes it easy to spot out your car even in the dark night. While its main aim is for safety in case of an emergency, it is also a good way to save you the time of strolling through the pile of cars to find your own. The custom car stickers, on the other hand, are designed to the owner's like. This kind of sticker is mostly adopted by companies to advertise their products or even to display contact informatio­n on the windshield. When selecting a sticker, it is important to keep it simple and neat. Ensure the sticker does not obstruct the view in any way while driving. Brightly coloured stickers are more ideal choices.

Apart from the above three tips that change the car itself to stand out, a customized car shelter can distinguis­h your car at a distance even without the troublesom­e work. Even in the cluster of cars, yours will stand out among the rest. For example, If you run a business, you can print the business logo or contact informatio­n on the car shelter to make it known to more people.

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