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UNFPA should be applauded


The Editor,

With their programme called “Along the border” project, which is a HIV prevention initiative that targets the borders especially the most porous ones, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) together with partner, Lesotho Planned Parenthood Associatio­n (LPPA) are doing a great job to help the Government in the fight against HIV.

Long distance truck drivers are part of the mobile population that is easily forgotten because they are always away from home.

Owing to the nature of their work, they are at the most risk of being infected as they are always crossing borders where they encounter many sex workers.

They do not always have easy access to health services unless they are specifical­ly targeted.

Reports show that HIV prevalence is disproport­ionately high among sex workers and long distance truck drivers compared to the general population.

This situation leaves behind key priority population­s, and if not addressed, will continue to be a source of HIV transmissi­on and pose challenges to case detection, retention in care and management of both communicab­le and non-communicab­le diseases. Thabo Moloi Ha Hoohlo, Maseru

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