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LondonYouT­uber claims to have been abducted by aliens


Sick of men on Earth, London actress Abbie Bela says that she hopes to "normalize" interspeci­es dating. To find her soulmate, London actress Abbie Bela looked to the skies. She claims that she fell for an alien after it swept her into its UFO - and right off her feet. Bored by the pandemic and unimpresse­d by the offerings on Earth, Bela explained that she “joked online about wanting an alien to abduct me.” Before long, she began to have dreams of a “white light.” And then, on May 31, Bela says she heard a voice in her dream. It commanded her to: “Wait in the usual spot.” Bela had never heard the voice before. And yet, she says, she knew what it meant. “The next evening, I sat next to my open window,” Bela said. She waited. And as she began to fall asleep around 12:15 a.m., a flying saucer swept into view. Before Bela knew it, she wasn’t in her bedroom any longer. “There was a bright green beam which transporte­d me to the UFO.” Most might be alarmed by such a turn of events. But not Bela. “I’m one of those people who all my life had weird encounters,” she explained on her YouTube channel.

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