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Lemeke Oa Mochini releases Basali

- Nthatuoa Koeshe

RAPPER, Lemeke Oa Mochini will today release his highly anticipate­d track, Basali.

Produced by Witness the Skill Production­s, the track has already created anxiety on social media with many eager to know how it will be different from another track with the same title done by Lesotho All Stars.

Lesotho All Stars’ Basali was released in 2012.

Lemeke Oa Mochini told the Xpress

People that his version of the track would be different as it has a kwaito feel while that of Lesotho All Stars has a hip hop feel. His track was mixed and mastered by Zinkz Dee.

“My version of the track is more kwaito than hip hop hence it is different from that done Lesotho All Stars,” Lemeke Oa Mochini said.

He said the track will be part of his

Moshemane Oa Holibona album to be released later this year.

On Basali, Lemeke Oa Mochini laments the negative impact that women have had on his life. He however, said the track was not meant to regret as he emphasises his love for women.

“The song is about a guy who looks back at his life and realises how much he has lost and how far he could have been if it was not for his reckless behaviour with women.”

Born Kekeletso Mofoka, Lemeke Oa Mochini started his musical career in 2008 when he was still in high school but at the time, he was more passionate about creative writing, drama and poetry.

His profession­al recording career only started in 2013 with the Mechini Crew, a movement comprising of some of artistes like Moddaw Oa Mochini and uNejah the producer. That was when he got to work with other heavyweigh­ts like L Tore, Taks Beats and T Mech among others.

“All these years, I have been making music with the Mechini Crew and I only went solo in 2018 with my hit single

Kea Kena produced by Taks Beats and L Tore,” Lemeke Oa Mochini said.

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