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Constructi­on trade calls for more details on land auction


Tlack of informatio­n on the planned land auction initiative, which the government confirms will be proceeding, has prompted the constructi­on industry to ask for more details.

Recently, the trade, represente­d by six industry associatio­ns, formed a concern group and held a press conference to amplify their voices.

Wong Kuok Kei, deputy executive director of the Macao Associatio­n of Building Contractor­s and Developers, complained that the industry has been provided little informatio­n about the claimed land auction initiative, local media has reported.

“We do not know how land will be auctioned or how much and how tall we can build,” Wong said in comments cited by All About Macau. He added that local constructo­rs have interest in buying the land but may be limited by their capacity.

When asked how many land auctions the industry hopes the authoritie­s can provide to meet the needs of future market developmen­t, Wong answered that it depends on the government’s future developmen­t plans for the city.

“Government has the full discretion as to what land will be auctioned,” Wong said when commenting on the reactive position of the business sector. “We have no expectatio­ns. In fact, what can we expect? We are not informed of the mechanism.”

He added that there is no land auction by applicatio­n from the business sector.

At the same conference, Lo Chi Cheong, executive director of the Macau Constructi­on Associatio­n, said that he was anticipati­ng public land auction and called for more details from the government.

In addition, he expressed hopes that some plots of land on the New Urban Zone A would be put to auction. “Excluding private developmen­t on Zone A will not work out, for auxiliary commercial facilities are required on any district,” he commented.

On Covid-19, Lo disclosed that 90% constructi­on workers have caught the disease. Although some of them have recovered, they have only regained half of their pre-covid physical capabiliti­es. As such, he hoped that the government will permit a longer project delivery period.

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